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A recent study points out a so-called “gender-equality paradox”: there are more women in STEM in countries with lower gender equality. Why do women make up 40 percent of engineering majors in Jordan, but only 34 percent in Sweden and 19 percent in the U.S.? The researchers suggest that women are...
In the U.S., most mothers work full time before coming home to take care of family and household chores. So, who is taking care of mom? Experts say friends are the best remedy for a healthy mom.
There’s no other way to put it: Maria de los Angeles Tun Burgos is a supermom. She’s raising five children, does housework and chores — we’re talking about fresh tortillas every day made from stone-ground corn — and she helps with the family’s business in their small village...
Parents know that grit and inner motivation are building blocks to success, yet they sometimes struggle with how to instill these qualities in their children. Recent research finds they have a surprising — and often overlooked — key ingredient: pride. “Hubristic pride” — the arrogance of feeling...

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