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Julie A. Woodzicka (Washington and Lee University) and Marianne LaFrance (Yale) report an experiment reminiscent of Milgram’s famous studies of obedience to authority. Reminiscent both because it highlights the gap between how we imagine we’ll respond under pressure and how we actually...
The Guardian: This week, Observer Magazine columnist and neuroscientist Dr Daniel Glaser speaks to University College London’s Professor Nilli Lavie about perception. How do we perceive our visual world? Can this be affected by higher cognitive processes? And what can this all tell us about the...
LiveScience: Go ahead: Tell that same story about your college shenanigans the next time you’re out with your friends. They’ll thank you for it. A new study finds that people prefer hearing familiar stories to new ones, probably because people are generally such bad storytellers that...
TIME: Being mistreated at work can make people take out their frustrations on loved ones at home. But a new study suggests that getting more exercise and sleep may help people better cope with those negative emotions by leaving them at work, where they belong. Read the whole story: TIME

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